Campione d’Italia ia small muncipality town in the Lombard region of Italy. It is conveniently tucked between taly and Switzerland along the Lugano lake occupying an enclave with swiss canton Ticino. It takes about 15 min drive from Lugano and about an hour drive from Milan (Italy) to reach campione. The town has a small casino – casino campione – on the lake front is very popular location for entertainment and restaurants.


The currency is CHF swiss franc but euro also used here. The town is a ‘virtual swiss town’ and everything here swiss like – postal system, swiss banking, swiss telephone system and swiss car registration plates. With swiss banking you can benefit from financial privacy. The campione is, has recently gained reputation for residency for rich and wealthy foreign expatriates as a ‘Tax Haven’.

The location of campione in map within switzerland, truly baffles anyone and it is actually hard to believe that it is actually a part of italy and there is a long history to that. The city has the population of about 3500 and almost one third of them are foreigners. For more information about campione d’italia, please visit the official website


  • Swiss & European Residence
  • Swiss Banking with CHF swiss franc currency.
  • Calm, serene and peaceful environment.
  • No VAT taxes

There is a no municipal or EU VAT tax applies within campione, which is why it is a favorable destination for company formation and residence among foreigners. There are no gift or inheritance taxes as well but a moderate personal income taxes apply. The cost of living and real estate prices is ‘extremely’ high and this place is only recommended only if you are ‘very rich’ or a ‘very wealthy’ person.

Foreigners residing in campione need to pay taxes on their worldwide income to italian tax authorities.

For non-EU and foreign nationals, you will need a swiss visa to enter this territory.`

Residence in Campione d’Italia

Campione can be a very interesting option to consider if you are planning for a residence in Europe.

You can easily obtain residence permit in campione d’Italia by forming a company along with obtaining sufficient accomodation.


Form a company with the minimum capital of EUR 10’000 to incorporate S.R.L “Società a responsabilità limitata” (or Limited Liability Company) with 2 associates, 1 director. The other charges such as agent fee, incorporation fee, nominee director are extra.The main requirement for residence permit is sufficient income and accomodation. A personal visit to campione is a must and usually asked to complete the formalities.


Besides this there are costs fof EUR 6’000 for notarial deed etc.. We should be looking at running costs of company approx CHF 10’000 annually. The real estate is only limited and is in high demand which and so as prices of buying homes or apartment could range from CHF 500’000 to CHF 2 million and above. You can buy real estate in campione, or even lease a home or apartment on a 4yr contract. Accomodation for rented apartment costs approx CHF 2000 to CHF 3000 monthly. Purchase of a property is the only option if rented accomodation is unavailable.

The residence permit is issued by Italian authorities and residents in campione and can later get italian identity card. The real estate purchases usually requires a lawyer to be represented. Campione is subjected to switzerland visa regulations, which is why you need a swiss visa is needed to enter this town, if you are a foreign national not belonging to EU.


You will be eligible to apply for Italian citizenship after 10 yrs of legal residence.