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Greece is planning to launch a new citizenship by investment program during the first quarter of 2020. It is a special limited CBI scheme similar to that of Cyprus with EUR 2 million investment. This is part of the new renewed efforts by the newly elected Greek government aiming to achieve significant FDI in the country to achieve 3% GDP growth.

This highly anticipated scheme will admit only 200 investors for fast track citizenship every year under this scheme.

Greece is one of exciting countries to live, work and study, with access to excellent health care, education and business opportunities. Greece will offer full EU citizen rights to foreign investors under this scheme.


  • EU citizen by investment scheme
  • Invest in hotels and real estate with prevailing low prices
  • Greece has best EU passport in the world with visa free access to US and Canada
  • Access to best education and healthcare systems in Europe.
  • High living standards and high quality of living.
  • Live, work, study and do business in other EU-28 member states


Update: Greece has abandoned plans to launch a citizenship by investment scheme on or after 2020. Currently only Greece Golden visa scheme is available and actively running

Greek Citizenship by Investment (GCBI)

The Citizenship scheme will be designed by Greek government and foreign investors must satisfy the following criteria.

  • Invest EUR 2 million in Greek real estate properties
  • Must buy a permanent home for EUR 500,000 and pay EUR 50,000 annually for maintaining the property
  • The Greece Citizenship by Investment scheme (GCBI) is limited quota of 200 naturalizations per year
  • Investment in properties can be done through Legal entities or Greek companies
  • Investors must be a resident in Greece for atleast 6 months before applying for Citizenship

Greek Passport

The Greek passport is one of the highly respectable and powerful EU passports in the world. As of 2019, Greece had visa free access to 183 countries, including to UK, US and Canada (eTA required)


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