We ask clients applying for passports under Vanuatu citizenship by investment (DSP) scheme, NOT to wait on deciding when to apply! Later it becomes too little too late

No one knows how long Vanuatu will still run the DSP citizenship by investment scheme, as the Government is already conducting an internal review of the Vanuatu citizenship scheme, after EU has expressed concerns on the visa free regime with Vanuatu. The review is expected to be completed by first quarter of 2020 and final decision will be made  on the future of vanuatu citizenship scheme after consultations with public, citizenship office and other authorities.

It may well be possible Vanuatu CIP may close in 2020 if Vanuatu faces international pressure.  Nobody knows for sure!

It is a well known fact that citizenship by investment schemes often come and go due to changing political conditions, international events.

Vanuatu is one of the best citizenship by investment schemes out there with a powerful passport with visa free access to schengen, russia, UK, with very fast processing times (usually less than a month) and easy paper work.

Prices start from USD 135,000.

Vanuatu has no restrictions except on few countries. Stateless persons can also apply for the CBI scheme in Vanuatu

We ask clients to take this seriously and make the best use of vanuatu citizenship by investment program.